London’s ExCeL once again opened their doors to over 85,000 pop culture fans over the Halloween weekend, as they arrived for one of the year’s most anticipated events – MCM Comic Con.

The Experience12 team were on site – our noteworthy 15th consecutive Comic Con – delivering activations for the BBC, Sky, Universal, NACON and Anime.

And, as you’ve come to expect, we took the opportunity to speak directly to fans, once again, to further our insight into this powerful pop culture audience.

Without further ado, we’re excited to share those top-level findings below.

And, for the first time ever this year, we conducted our research across the pond at New York Comic Con, where we’ll soon be exploring the differences in fandoms across the continents.

As ever, we also asked:

  • Where fans find out about upcoming releases
  • What fans want more of at Comic Con
  • Favourite TV genres
  • Who makes the best original content
  • Most anticipated video game adaptations
  • How many hours a week fans play video games
  • What non-endemic brands fans want to see at Comic Cons

And, we now know:

  • What percentage of fans believe they’re the person people turn to for recommendations, and
  • If having a presence at conventions like Comic Con makes fans more likely to watch, play or recommend.

For the full deep-dive or a bespoke report, get in touch below!