There is no doubt that Netflix is the leader of the streaming industry. In fact, we found that 70% of people prefer the platform. The company now looks set to build on this success with a new deal with Sony that will get Spider-Man and video game fans excited.  

Sony Pictures announced its partnership with Netflix last week. However, the agreement to stream upcoming films doesn’t follow industry practices that are becoming increasingly commonplace.  

The Agreement 

The multi-year deal will see Sony titles appear on Netflix. This includes the classic Spider-Man movies alongside the more recent critically acclaimed Into The Spider-Verse.  

For some, particularly fans of Tobey Maguire, this would be enough reason to celebrate. However, more Spider-Man related content will also arrive. This includes upcoming projects such as Venom 2 

Moving forward, Netflix will be streaming new releases in an exclusivity window that will last 18-months. 

Upcoming Features 

This agreement means that films like the Uncharted movie and Peter Rabbit 2 will be streaming on Netflix before any other platform. Nonetheless, the streaming platform won’t be using a video on demand platform that has been seen on Disney+. 

Rather than offer a VOD option, the features are intended to release theatrically and then arrive on Netflix. While this means that Netflix won’t experience a sudden rush to the platform it could still be beneficial. Particularly, when the fandoms of the films coming to the platform are considered.  

Why fans are important 

Experience 12’s data, sourced from an average of 1,200 consumers at London’s MCM Comic-Con, found how fans can add value. Not only is there a word of mouth component, but they can also be loyal customers.   

We found that fans spend 50% more on TV and 40% more on Film than the average person. Furthermore, fans are more likely to talk about the films they watch and twice as likely to find new films when compared to other audiences.   

With this data in mind, Netflix could manage to attract more subscribers and get more eyes on its films because of this agreement.   

Next steps 

There will undoubtedly be questions about the quality of upcoming films. Nonetheless, if Sony Pictures delivers quality films from beloved franchises like Uncharted and Morbius, it could pay dividends.  

In fact, although it seems like everyone has a Netflix subscription, even more video game and comic book fans could join the platform.