Strange New Worlds


Taking Star Trek fans and VIP guests on an intergalactic adventure, Experience12 designed and produced the launch of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds at London’s iconic digital district, Outernet. 

What we did


We kicked off the 2-day event with a press and influencer launch party, filled to the brim with futuristic and tech heavy experiences for guests to enjoy.

A World First AI photo opportunity saw guests transform into members of the Enterprise, while The Transporter hologram capsule featured welcome messages from the series’ cast. Guests also had the chance to enjoy levitating replicator cube food, edible mist and a glowing Romulan Ale cocktail.

As guests travelled through the Warp Speed tunnel, they were welcomed to the crowning jewel – a central room with 360 digital screens immersing them in the Strange New Worlds of the Star Trek Universe while the USS Enterprise floated above them. Here, guests enjoyed the first episode of Season 2 alongside the cast and an exclusive Q&A hosted by Alex Zane before the after party began.


AI Photo Booth

Building on the world of Star Trek, we used Artificial Intelligence to develop a photobooth experience which turned our guests into the protagonists of their own intergalactic story.

The technology takes 3 images, creates a model and produces a unique, stylised output based on relevant imagery the AI has been ‘fed’. The software generates 12 images, providing each guest with a suite of images to choose their favourite.





Did it work?

The event saw a total attendance of over 2,759 across both days of activity, 5,676 AI generated photo booth images captured with over 845 unique image downloads and 600 Trixian bubble juice teas distributed.

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