Prime Video

Good Omens


To launch Prime Video’s Good Omens, Experience12 were tasked with creating a standout experiential activity in London’s Waterloo Station.

What we did


We created a Garden of Eden-style installation in London’s Waterloo station. Compromised of organic, foliage walls with a large central apple treat and branded entrance. Within the activity, guests could handle and take pictures with live snakes – a first for Waterloo Station. Angel and Devils were also on hand to distribute naughty and nice treats including laser-branded, food safe apples and naughty toffee apples. Before finally, 27 singing nuns swarmed the stand with renditions of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.


Did it work?

The activity saw over 780,000 live event impressions, 3, 144 hard engagements and 6,904 branded giveaways across 3 days. Online and print media coverage across trade and consumer publications to a total of 716,000 unique monthly views.

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