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As part of a multi-agency, integrated brief, Experience 12 were tasked with conceptualising and fabricating a 12x12 exhibition stand for eBays Trading Card category to launch a London's MCM Comic Con

What we did


The all-agency response strategy was simple: Get Comic Con and trading card fans to see eBay as THE destination to acquire rare, unique and collectable cards.

This was to be achieved through an authentic and unforced presence at Comic Con that enhanced the guest experience, and expert association with credible voices and communities within the trading card space.

As experts in pop culture and veterans of comic conventions all over the world, we were heavily involved on eBay’s strategy as a non-endemic brand entering the pop culture marketplace. We used our own research, curated from speaking to over 10,000 fans across 8 years, to inform the approach. What’s the main reason fans attend Comic Con? What do they want from brands? What can we give them to drive word of mouth or social sharing?

The answer: Cosplay. Authenticity. A story to tell their friends.

It would start with building hype pre-event and peak with a premium, multifaceted exhibition stand which would engage the 85,000 attendees from the moment they arrived at the ExCeL Centre with OOH directional signage.

The campaign would be amplified by a roster of amazing collaborators throughout; with content captured by media partners, influencers and social agencies, as well as continuing post event with highlights reels. 

What we did


We designed a bright, bold and inviting 12x12m island stand, open on all sides. Come on in. At 4.5m tall, and orientated toward where we knew the crowds would be coming from, the 3D eBay brand and ‘Uncover your story’ messaging could seen across the entire show.

The central structure housed 3 photobooth positions to maximise throughput. Choosing from one of six designs in a custom UX, guests would take their photo, choose their name and title, choose from a series of power options and adjust the level to suit. Artificial intelligence removed the background, replacing it with a theme to suit the card style. Physical cards were then printed, affixed to a custom eBay back, die cut and delivered to guests in a trading card holder with an eBay branded display stand. A digital copy, with a rotating GIF and CTA’s, was also sent to the guest to encourage exploration of the eBay portal and social sharing. And if your timing was right, you might have been one of the lucky few who got an even more unique shiny edition.

The trading card was the perfect take away for the MCM audience – both collectors and wider audiences alike – with queues throughout the weekend, and guests returning multiple times to create different card designs to champion their changing cosplay.

To the sides, we fabricated a custom spinner-wall to display 936 trading cards. Although readily available and of lesser value, this interactive and engaging display highlighted the breadth of trading card IPs available in the marketplace. From Star Wars to Star Trek, Magic the Gathering to Marvel there was something for everyone to explore whether you were a collector or not.

Under the illuminated eBay colourway canopy sat a feature wall. This showcase moment featured 3 ranges of rare cards, available and authenticated on the eBay platform, with a single card worth in excess of £3,000. A treat for the collector.

To the side, a seller’s corner welcomed 6 trading card experts across the weekend to showcase their wares, meet fans and provide advice to non-collectors on where they can get started. On the reverse, an interview space with a backdrop designed by influencer Vexx provided a space for guest, seller and influencer interviews with amplification partners.

Vertical digital totem screens were also distributed throughout for guests to browse the eBay portal.


Did it work?

The physical presence at MCM Comic Con delivered on the objective and more. Throughout the weekend, the visibility of the stand made it an obvious meeting point for friends. The openness encouraged walk-ups, with something to see and do whether you were a hardcore collector, enthusiast or a complete rookie. And most importantly, the offering of creating a unique trading card was the perfect activity for the Comic Con audience, with guests running to the stand on opening to be the first to create theirs.

Over 85k footfall, 15k event engagements and 2,022 custom trading cards printed in a credible, authentic and obviously eBay activation; amplified with talented partner agencies for a truly integrated and successful campaign.

A big first step for a non-endemic brand, flawlessly executed with a brave, trusting and respectful client.

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