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JNV_EXPERIENCE_12_COMIC_CON_LONDON_2016_100 copy JNV_EXPERIENCE_12_COMIC_CON_LONDON_2016_087 copyWith 130,000+ engaged fans attending it is no wonder that Fox TV chose to come back to MCM London ComicCon for the 3rd time running to launch its latest offering, Outcast.

A horror TV show, based on the graphic novel by The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, Outcast tells the story of Kyle Barnes who has been plagued by demonic possessions his entire life.

Addictively dark and immersive we were once again tasked with bringing Outcast to life for new and existing fans.


To deliver an activation which stands out within a saturated show space, attracts a high footfall and level of engagement and encourages social conversation during and post show.


The stand consisted of a recreation of the front of Kyle Barnes’ house, which guests could enter in order to fully immerse themselves in the show environment. On the other side of the stand was a green screen, which is where the fun happened.

Guests were given the opportunity to levitate above a bed, just like the characters in the show. By laying on a green box and thrashing around we created GIFs of guests levitating above a bed which they could then share on social media.

Experience 12 stands at MCM Comic Con at London's Excel. Byline John Nguyen/JNVisuals 28/05/2016DSC_0974JNV_EXPERIENCE_12_COMIC_CON_LONDON_2016_098 copy


Fox Networks Group wanted to use this activation to launch its partnership with GIF hosting site GIPHY. The challenge for us was to find a green screen supplier who could directly upload GIFs taken on a green screen to GIPHY, something that had never been done before.

We worked with the fantastic team at Party PhotoBooth Hire, to create the API software needed, making us the first team to be able to offer this to brands.

We created a seamless user experience, ensuring it was as easy and as incentivised as possible for users to share their experiences on social media. To push Instagram posts we created a competition incentive for anyone who took a picture of themselves in front of Kyle’s house and uploaded it specifically to Instagram with a measurable hashtag.

For the green screen activation after having their GIF taken guests were directed to a series of iPads where they could choose whether to email, tweet or upload their GIF to Facebook. The GIFs were then all uploaded to the GIPHY gallery and a link was sent to all users in order to directy traffic to the GIPHY page.

We also handed out free Outcast comics as a reminder of the activity and to attract attention from audiences at the show driving further traffic to the stand.


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