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Comic_Con_Oct-11We were comissioned by Fox TV to create a multi-dimensional stand at MCM London ComicCon to showcase its most popular horror and animated offerings; American Horror Story, The Walking Dead and Adult Swim, whilst introducing a new primetime horror offering, Outcast, set to be released in early 2016.

The task was simple; create an interactive experience to drive social media engagement and interest surrounding new Fox TV content. To do this we created a 4 sided stand, with each wall presenting a different show. We kept the concepts simple to maximise on the 130,000+ footfall over the course of the event.

With a creepy concierge, a horde of zombies and a demonically possessed child’s bedroom we had on our hands one of the most popular stands of the entire exhibition. The success of the stand was amplified through social with over 1.3 million impressions over the course of the weekend and #TWDUKZombie DSC_0941trending on Twitter.

What’s more, cast members of The Walking Dead itself and the cast of Humans were keen to get involved taking pictures with the terrifyingly realistic zombies and sharing them on social media.

Working with Fox TV on this stand allowed us to create an experience for guests, as opposed to a simple promotional stand. Over the 3 days guests flocked to the stand to make the most of the photo and competition opportunities and to be involved in role playing their favourite TV programmes..

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