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About Us

We’re a boutique experiential agency founded in 2013.
We draw on a network of established collaborators to deliver what clients want.
We span all sectors but specialise in entertainment.
  • Spring 2013

    In the beginning there was Chris Whittle, veteran of some of the biggest and best Experiential and PR stunt activity

  • March 2013

    After consulting with former clients Chris pulled together a crack team of collaborators and suppliers

  • Summer 2013

    Small but perfectly formed Experience12 was announced to the world and launched

  • Autumn / Winter 2013

    Baby steps, wheels begin to turn

  • Spring 2014

    We organise the kidnapping of a journalist (for promotional purposes)

  • The rest is history

    Onwards and upwards

Who are we?

Basically, we’re helpful

We’re inquisitive

We get things done

No  challenge too small,

no campaign too big,

and if it’s possible we’ll find a way.
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